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Guiding Light Financial is a financial services company that serves you by specializing  in Cash Flow and Lifestyle Planning. Shelley has been working intensely with cash flow planning for several years and is a Certified Cash Flow Specialist Professional working with oilfield employees, consultants, business owners and young families; our goal is to provide you with a plan that helps you to get more life out of your hard earned money so that you can spend your time doing the things you value with the people that matter most to you.

Did you know… nearly 6 of every 10 Canadians are retiring in debt. The great news is that with a cash flow plan you will not be one of them!

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  • Value

    Get more life from your money.

  • Money

    Finally know where the income you earn goes.

  • Time

    Start spending more time doing the things you value with the people you love.

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A Cash Flow Plan includes looking at both sides of the family balance sheet and giving you the control to move forward with confidence.

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Public Speaking

Speaker – Shelley Streit

CEO of Guiding Light Financial, Shelley is a Certified Cash Flow Specialist who draws on her experience, education and passion for helping people to catapult their success, leverage what they already have, realize their dreams and create a life that allows freedom to do the things they value.

Shelley has been featured numerous times in both local newspapers such as the Calgary Herald and The Beacon as well as national industry publications like Advisors Edge, and online at Advisor.ca. She is an author, professional speaker and is on a mission to inspire and educate people to create the life of their dreams, and a prosperous future.

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Shelley Streit – Author & Resiliency Speaker

The Voice

Shelley is a sought after, engaging speaker who uses her down to earth style to get the audience fired up about living their best life. Focusing on honoring where you came from with the intent of pushing yourself to the next level. Shelley teaches others to see the good in all situations no matter how awful they appear to be in the moment; to see the value in themselves from the lens on the inside not through another’s eye. Through her sharing of stories and examples, Shelley has been known to make the crowd laugh, cry and gain some perspective all within the same hour and has evidence of the impact the conversations make long after the event is complete.
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The Woman

Shelley Streit

A passionate speakerauthor and mentor whose mission is to inspire and empower individuals to be resilient and turn obstacles into opportunities; to face adversity with optimism.

Known for her sincerity and candid, but non-judgemental style, Shelley has helped thousands from all walks of life to live each day to its fullest potential by giving them tools to build their resiliency and step into their own strength.

Experience drawn from a difficult life as a youth taught her the value of learning, making tough but intelligent choices, and hard work.

The Book

Beyond the Rear View Mirror is the inspiring story of how Shelley Streit defied the odds against her achieving success in life after a childhood spent in the child welfare system following experiences of abandonment, rejection, and abuse as a child. While Shelley could easily have slipped into a less-than-desirable lifestyle, she chose to forge ahead at every challenge or setback, each time taking one step closer to a richer and more successful life.

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