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Speaker – Shelley Streit

CEO of Guiding Light Financial, Shelley is a Certified Cash Flow Specialist who draws on her experience, education and passion for helping people to catapult their success, leverage what they already have, realize their dreams and create a life that allows freedom to do the things they value.

Shelley has been featured numerous times in both local newspapers such as the Calgary Herald and The Beacon as well as national industry publications like Advisors Edge, and online at She is an author, professional speaker and is on a mission to inspire and educate people to create the life of their dreams, and a prosperous future.


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Topics & Workshops

Creating Cash for Your Business

Shelley repeatedly saw the challenges our society was facing when it came to finances. She headed out on a mission to show people that “it’s not what you make it is what you keep”! In this presentation she’ll show you that you have the tools to grow your cash flow!

At this powerful event you will learn:

  • Courage – The courage to stand up for your business to increase your bottom line.
  • Cash – How to assess the ROI on your spending.
  • Control – Use your power to grow your business and increase cash flow

You are already rich in your business learn how to capitalize on that wealth!

Sexy Living

Slaying your debt dragons and moving from living your life in the red to living your life in the black.  Cash flow and debt management is a topic that is rarely talked about but affects people of all ages. Change your mindset to increase your bank balance.

Cash Creator Workshops

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Latest Financial Insights

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