Cash Flow Planning History

This is part of the story on how I got in to Cash Flow and Lifestyle Planning in 2010. To see more view the press release from 2014.

Dear Aspiring Cash Creator,

This is my story: I am an addict… And you may be too.

I have spent the greater part of the last 35 years to the day filling myself with various “drugs” and then suffering from the imminent hangover later. You may be familiar with these drugs; they have very common names and have all played a part at various times in my life.

The biggest ones that have had the most lasting effect on me:


I’m like many others in the world. When it came to money, I was searching for something bigger… something better. It could have been a better job, nicer clothes, more money, fancier vehicles, sparkly jewelry – it didn’t matter then and it doesn’t’ matter today. All that did matter was that I’d always get what I was after! I would not fail! Satisfaction now…hangover and much regret later.

But it was never enough. I was always in search of the next big thing! Over and over again. LATHER, RINSE, AND REPEAT: I’d hit the high of a big revelation, only to run smack right into a wall of the impending hangover – and each one seemed worse than the last!

I realized then that what I was searching for was not out there. What I was looking for was only available FROM ME AND ONLY ME. From inside of me. There was no pair of jeans fancy enough, a paycheck large enough, or a cake sweet enough to satisfy me.

If I continued to spend money and eat in an attempt to compensate for my emotions, this gaping hole deep inside of me would never fill up. Unfortunately, by the time I realized this, the damage had already been done. I had created a good sized amount of debt and had gained significant weight. While I still own the closets full of clothes and fancy material things, I now realize what’s really important… what’s really worth my while. ME, MYSELF AND I. I am worthy of having a debt free life and deserve to feel happy from within.

Today and each day forward, I will fill myself up with being the best I can be. From moment to moment I will continue to march to the beat of my very own drum! I am the finest thing out there for ME and I’m now addicted to finding out all I can about myself.

For that reason, I dove into Cash Flow Planning. If my story resonates with YOU and your life experience I invite you to join me on this amazing journey!

Shelley Streit, The Cash Creator Coach