Seeking “Silent Celebrities”

Shelley Streit EmpowermentDo you know someone who sets forth in the world each day to make the space they occupy a little bit of a better place?

Someone who gives just to give?

Someone who inspires others because they can?

Someone who stands up for believes in and empowers others?

Someone who doesn’t look for accolades and often has no clue of the impact they make on the world around them?

Someone who knows when to give to others and is learning when to give to themselves?

Someone who simply makes the world a better place because they are in it.

Someone who faces adversity with optimism?

Someone who helped you out when you had a need and never thought twice about it.

We want to hear about these people.

We are running a blog series where we will celebrate and honor individuals who inspire, empower, connect with, support and love others.

This is no popularity contest.

There is no nomination.

The stories don’t have to be tragic.

Everyone is a winner.

The glitz and the glam is the simple thank you that they will see when they are honored – often how silent celebrities want it.

After all saying thank you is one of the highest gifts you can give 🙂

If you know someone like this and want to join me in celebrating these incredible people from all over the world who bring so much joy please complete the form below.


P.S. We have chosen not to have any photos of these individuals to honor them and allow them to continue to be a silent celebrity if they wish.


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