Silent Celebrity Aime Hutton

Shelley Streit Silent Celebrity ProjectThere are many people who make a difference… one of those people is Aime Hutton.

Aime  is a champion for so many people… and does so with passion, and from the place of giving, without expectation.

 Everyday on social media you will find Aime  sharing someone’s news, celebrating someone’s success, acknowledging someone’s milestone, or simply spreading joy.

Aime is also a champion for important causes such as helping girls feel good about themselves and accept who they are and created Wonder Girls Camp to inspire and build self esteem in girls.  She also stands strong on the prevention of violence and bullying, and, and is committed to making the world a more accepting and safer place to live, be and work.

On a day that you need some inspiration, or to feel good about something, simply visit Aime’s social media pages… you will find her there sharing something positive, something helpful or, being a champion for someone else.

Today, it’s time to celebrate Aime, and all the gifts she brings to the world, simply by being Aime!

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One Response to Silent Celebrity Aime Hutton

  1. aime hutton November 22, 2013 at 8:54 am #

    Oh, wow! Thanks so much for this. Feeling grateful for you and others. I am who I am, spreading joy to others, and celebrating others. It’s how I dance in the world. Blessings everyone. Keep dancing to the song in your heart! Be Brave! Be Bold! Be YOU!