Silent Celebrity Kimberly Fox

Shelley Streit HumilityKim is first and foremost and incredible Mom.  She dedicates herself to loving her children with all of her being.  She is also an outreach worker who touches the lives of many.

Kim has also been a tireless helper, and supporter for High River.

To know Kim, is to love Kim.  She is kind, compassionate, loyal, loving, generous, humble, faith filled, and a wonderful friend.

Kim is a giver, someone who gives and gives and gives.  She works tirelessly to serve others, and to support her family.

I am honored to call Kim a friend.

Kim teaches me the importance of family, and faith.  She teaches me humility, boundaries, and priorities.

Kim is the kind of person who does good every day, she doesn’t do it for recognition, she does it because giving is in her soul.  She will probably be embarrassed to receive this recognition.

Thank you Kim for the beautiful lessons you teach those around you simply by your presence.


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