Silent Celebrity Lee Horbachewski

Shelley Streit, EmpowerThe submission for Lee that was sent in said:

In the past she put everyone before herself.
In the past she gave and she gave fully of herself.
In the past she fell and did not want to get up….

Thankfully today she stands strong in who she is, takes great care of herself, has learnt the power of saying no and understand what a real friend supports like.

Allowing others to stand in their own power – if she agrees with it or not – because she understands that all of us are different and if we feel for our self that it is right then she will be there to support.

Inspiration, Truth, Honesty, Humble, Joyful and Loving are the embodiment that Lee has created for her life. You see it through her words on her blog posts, you feel it through the amazing pictures she shares and you may shed a tear as you read her thoughts. I am inspired by her gentleness as well as her creativity mixed in with her desire to continue on her own path.

The lessons that Lee has taught me that I would like to share with the world are that feelings, inner thoughts, good or bad we all have them and majority of the time the similarities may be alarming. However Lee brought that to our attention and said firmly: I am not alone, You are not alone, We can heal.
I learnt that I am not alone and that as sad as I may feel one day that it is okay to feel that sadness, honor the sadness and believe that joy is around the corner for you if you allocate some self care time.

I am proud to be able to call Lee my friend, thank you for all that you do for your friends, your family and the desire to be who you truly want to be!

Lee, You are such a beautiful soul I could write a chapter on you. Thank you for all you do in this world you small touches reach deep.


If you have someone you would like to send in a submission to honor please head over to and begin the celebration!



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