Silent Celebrity Lisa Duffin

Shelley Streit Silent Celebrity ProjectLisa Duffin has been honored by her brother for being a fun person to be around and always having a positive outlook.

She is a mom of two great boys and devotes much of her time to that.

She helps put some family shit into perspective, accepts my choices and loves both of our children equally.

Lisa is a great sister

When asked “If you could share with the world a lesson you have learned from Lisa what would it be?” the response was, do what you want to do ’cause life goes by quick.

Also always be kind and patient.

I want the word to know I am proud that Lisa is my sister!

Thank you Lisa for doing your part to make the world a better place to be in especially for your brother.


If you have someone you would like to send in a submission to honor please head over to and begin the celebration


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