Silent Celebrity Shelley Streit

Shelley Streit, resilienceI have to admit that it is a bit awkward for me to be uploading a post about myself and will be further honest in saying that I have resisted this for weeks.

I have created a blessed life where I am surrounded by people who are filled with love, joy and do their part in the world to lift others up however, what I sometimes forget is that, they want to celebrate me as much as I celebrate them and I too deserve celebration.

I am taking this opportunity to honor my friends who have sent in submissions for me and posting one of them here.

Here is what was said:

Shelley is a supporter and a no-none-sense type of friend. She has a great way of listening to you, offering her advice that was not seen before and then she even asks if you need help to implement the task.

I feel like I am a better person for having Shelley as a friend.

Shelley has been thrown so many obstacles throughout her young life, but by looking at her or seeing her you would have never of guessed because Shelley is a champion.
A rough childhood allowed Shelley to know what her resilience capabilities really were as she was tested again and again. Learning now to stand more and more in her power Shelley is someone I am proud to call friend, proud to know of her and even more inspired after I hear one of her talks.

Shelley doesn’t want to be a part of this – however creating this chance for us to say a thank you to those who inspire and admire only seems fitting that she deserves to be on here too!!

To my dear friends: It is all of you who I believe are celebrities.

I do not believe in strangers; only friends we have not met or others we have not spent enough time with for whatever reason. Some of you are far and some of you are near, no matter the case you are all dear and have been brought to me for your own purpose.

Collectively you have all supported my transitions at one time or another as I grow closer to my true self and learn to honor what matters most to me whether the transformation is personal or professional I am blessed to have you in my tribe.

I love each and everyone of you and am deeply humbled by the love and support I get.

I wish you all well and send many hugs to you.

Love, Shelley.

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