Silent Celebrity Lana Banham

Love, EmpowerLana is a silent celebrity of compassion, love, kindness, and hope.

As the founder of ICAN – Invermere Companion Animal Network, she lives and breathes generosity.

She is a silent celebrity to hundred of cats, and kittens who need someone to love them.  She is dedicated to giving hope to animals that may no longer have any hope.

I have seen her fight for the life of a kitten that most people would have had put down.

I have seen her passionately advocate for these precious animals who don’t have a voice.

Lana has not only taught me, she has also taught my daughters the gift of giving.

She has taught me to stand up for what you are passionate about, and work hard for what, and who you love.

She has taught me the value of humility.

Thank you Lana for being a voice for those who otherwise would not have one and making the world a better place through your dedication and indirect teachings.

If you have someone you would like to send in a submission to honor please head over to and begin the celebration


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