Creating Financial Change

Creating Financial Change


February 24, 2014 Stettler, AB – 59% of Canadians are taking debt into retirement with them. It doesn’t have to be this way. With an effective tool like a cash flow planning, change can begin one family at a time. Shelley Streit is on a mission to do just that.

Streit is one of only two Certified Cash Flow Planning Specialists in Alberta who works with oilfield employees, consultants, business owners and young families. She began this endeavor in 2010 when she saw a recurring trend within her own and her peers’ financial practice of people looking to get more life out of their money. “They wanted to run their finances not have the finances run them,” says Streit.

There is a misconception about debt and financial literacy in this country. The belief is that it’s something the poor, broke and uneducated carry. This couldn’t be further from the truth. According to Statistics Canada in March 2012, Canadians more likely to answer financial literacy questions correctly have more debt. In addition to that, Canadians with higher incomes and Higher education are more likely to know the right answers when asked financial literacy questions are the most likely to carry debt.

“Cash flow planning is an important tool for every family, not just those who carry debt. Often clients make great income but they do not really truly know where it is going. It is not about restriction it is about a road map to help them realize their dreams while reducing the ability to sabotage along the way,” says Streit.

While Streit lives in Central Alberta she does not allow the geographical barrier to prevent her from working with people nationally. “This is important to every household and we will do whatever we can to assist our clients.”

The beauty of the work that Shelley is doing is that clients can still retain their own financial advisor since she sells no product and achieve greater success with their hard earned money; realizing their dreams much sooner than they would have without a cash flow plan

Shelley is a Certified Cash Flow Specialist who draws on her experience, education and passion for helping people to catapult their success, leverage what they already have, realize their dreams and create a life that allows freedom to do the things they value.

Not only is Shelley the CEO of Guiding Light Financial, She is also an author, professional speaker and is on a mission to inspire and educate people to create the life of their dreams, and a prosperous future.

To reach Shelley for an interview please contact:

Contact Information: Shelley Streit

Phone: 403-742-3856






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