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April 2, 2012 (Stettler, AB)

Entrepreneur, financial advisor and now author, Stettler, Alberta’s own Shelley Streit will be launching her book Beyond the Rearview Mirror on April 10th at the One Eleven Grill in Red Deer, Alta from 6 pm – 9 pm.

This debut book is the inspiring story of Shelley’s life – full of detours and hurdles. Beyond the Rearview Mirror is the story of how Shelley defied the odds of success after experiencing abandonment by her own mother, repeated rejection and abuse, all combined with the experience of going through the child welfare system.

The night will feature special guest speaker Annette Stanwick, Freedom Facilitator and Award-winning author of FORGIVENESS: THE MYSTERY AND MIRACLE. Audiences can also expect a musical performance by Luanne Carl from the band Domino.  Shelley will be available to sign your copy of this triumphant life story.

An organization close to her heart – McMan Youth Family and Community Services Association will be receiving a portion of the books proceeds. Since opening its first program in 1975 McMan Youth, Family and Community Services Association has grown and evolved into a dynamic social service agency that provides a comprehensive range of programs.  The service delivery philosophy of the agency has always been focused on the individual needs of youth and families and on providing unconditional care.


Today McMan provides over 100 programs throughout Alberta and helps over 12,000 people a year.


McMan Executive Director, Danica Frazer says, “We have worked with a lot of kids since 1975.  Some kids you never forget.  Never quit wondering about.  You like to think that all of them are doing well.  But you never really know for sure.  It is rare that we have the opportunity to see kids years later; to see where their potential has taken them.  Reconnecting with Shelley has been a real gift.  Mostly, because we got to see that she was leading a happy, healthy and full life.  And secondly, because it reminded us that even if we don’t always know it, we can make a difference”.


Beyond the Rearview Mirror will soon be available at Chapters/Indigo locations and online at and on Amazon.

Can’t make it to the April 11th launch? Shelley will also be appearing at the following dates and locations:

April 13-15: Women in Business Real Growth Retreat at Nakoda on the Lake Lodge (Morley)

April 17: 6 PM Stettler Public Library

April 20: Celebrating Women Conference (Camrose)

April 21: Lavish Women’s Show (Red Deer)

April 26: Olds Public Library

April 28: 2-5PM – Self Connection Books (Calgary)

April 30: 7PM – Camrose Regional Public Library

For a media-only preview copy of the book, to schedule an interview or for more information contact:

Shelley Streit




Book excerpt teasers:

“It is so common for adults, and society as a whole, to try to force others to conform to a norm. If you don’t you are told you are bad, wrong, or deserve to be punished. I knew from that point on that there would be big challenges for me. I realized at that point in my life that I was probably going to be a hard one to train and force to conform to everyone else’s rules. I was determined to live my life on my own terms, regardless of what others wanted or expected. And with nonconformity comes disapproval.”

“My lack of desire to travel this path with everyone else giving the directions was evident. The adjustment I was going through was testing me and every fibre of my being, but I was not alone. It was a struggle for both of us. Ron had not lived alone for very long, only recently having left his parents’ home. Now he had somebody and their child in his space. He became an instant dad to a child who was very close to his own dad, and an instant spouse to someone who was incredibly independent and had quite the history. I had been doing things my own way for so very long.”

“Releasing judgments allowed me to accept people just as they are. I could take a person as they came, with all their perceived faults, and still celebrate the positive that each person brought to the table. That’s not to say that I started to trust everyone I met, but I certainly allowed them into my world to some varying degree just as they were. This was the only option if I wanted people to treat me this way. I began to understand that you get back what you put out, in one form or another.”

“My journey to find my best self will never end and what my best self looks like from day to day may change. I am elated today to be living with my new knowledge. I have had so many people come into my life to this point. Some came for a reason or a season and some have come for a lifetime. I used to thank them for getting me places, but now I refuse to give that power away again. I got me to where I am today. I am very grateful for their guidance love and support, but I did the work. I own my achievements, and I celebrate them with the world along the way. If no one hears me celebrating that’s just fine with me. It is only for my own benefit that I do so. You see, when you celebrate something you feel a sense of achievement. For me, that sense of achievement fuels my fire to help me push through my fears of what is around the corner; perhaps the next big leap for me or perhaps a reminder of positivity in times that are not so wonderful.”


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