Make this House a Home

Edmonton- Alberta August 13, 2013

Every child deserves to have a place they can call home; a place where they can be themselves and feel free from the confines of the world. A place where they feel loved and accepted just as they are. What would life be like without a least one environment where they can “just be”? Shelley Streit is on a mission to make a difference, one child and one speech at a time.

Shelley Streit, local author and professional speaker, is on a mission to inspire and empower youth in care to be resilient and turn obstacles into opportunities. Author of the popular book

Beyond the Rear View Mirror, the inspiring story of how Shelley Streit defied the odds against her achieving success in life after a childhood spent in the child welfare system following experiences of abandonment, rejection, and abuse as a child. While Shelley could easily have slipped into a less-than-desirable lifestyle, she chose to forge ahead at every challenge or setback, each time taking one step closer to a richer and more successful life.

In Alberta, the number of youth at risk does not seem to decrease. Youth homelessness is an issue of increasing concern, and opportunity to provide housing for youth to create a home environment for themselves needs to be made available.

“Having a program such as the Supported Independent Living Program (SIL) that McMan provides was a key in my great success coming through as a youth. I finally had an environment that I could call my own. It was not a placement; it was home” says Streit.


“Make a house a home” is the theme of the address that Streit will share at the upcoming McMan Youth, Family and Community Services Tenth Annual Charity Golf tournament this Friday at the Cougar Creek Golf Resort.

“It is vital to each and every community that they get behind initiatives such as SIL and the other programs that organizations such as McMan, offers in order to provide supporting environments for the youth of our future. A day volunteering or taking part in a fundraiser can make a huge impact on the life of an individual. It doesn’t take a lot for an individual to make a huge difference in the life of someone else and many hands make light work,” says Streit.

Anytime an organization works towards helping youth Streit gets involved where she can. She is also the champion for the Jusin Hines Vehicle of Change concert tour stop in Red Deer where all the proceeds will go to an initiative that McMan has called the McMan Substance Abuse Services for Youth

.The funds will go to help the construction of a residential program. Substance abuse is a problem that is in my own back yard as well as everyone else’s; Central Alberta is in need of these programs and a facility like this. I am happy to lend myself to such a worthy cause and of course an organization I am no stranger to,says Streit

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