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Speaker – Shelley Streit

A passionate entrepreneur, speaker, financial advisor, and author. Known for her sincerity and candid, but non-judgmental style, Shelley is a sassy dynamo who gets fired up by empowering women to live life to its full potential. Experience drawn from a difficult life as a youth taught her the value of learning, making tough but intelligent choices, and hard work.

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Topics & Workshops

Defying Your Odds

Do you believe you are worthy? Do you listen to that nasty chatty Cathy in your head that feeds you negative garbage all day?

Women, you must show up and stand up for yourselves. Discovering who you are at the very core makes it easy to change your mindset and ditch your limiting beliefs about what is possible. YOU are possible and anything you chose to explore is possible.

It doesn’t matter where you have been — no matter how bad it was. You have graduated from those circumstances. NO victims here! Your mindset today is what counts first, followed by your fire within to get you there. You can choose to thrive rather than just survive.

You can chose to get off the wagon of self sabotage. You can choose to get out of your own way and live a rich fulfilling life! From this day forward you will break through what you thought were barriers and will be unstoppable!

Your Resilience Is Your Brilliance

Have you ever wondered why some people, no matter what happens to them, always seem to bounce back? How is it that they can “ignore” the negative things that people tell them and always push ahead? How do they always seem to find their way to success and get what they want?

You look out at them and you think all the odds are stacked against them and they still come out on top. Does the voice in your head say “Why can’t I have that?”

The answer is you can! You are a brilliant individual who is worthy of great opportunities and deserves to design a rich life for yourself. You already have all the tools inside of you that you need to go anywhere you want to go! Whether you are trying to create change in your personal life, relationships or your business you and your brilliance is what will get you there.

I will show you where your brilliance lives and you too will defy all odds!

You Are Larger Than Life

[This presentation is targeted for youth 12 and up.]

Do you ever have days, weeks or months where you feel like the world is sitting on your shoulders? Like the challenge ahead is just too big for you? Is there something inside of you that is trying to convince you that you can’t go forward while you are wondering if you can conquer all? You are the driver of your life which puts you in control. In this session you will learn how to show the world that you are larger than life and can overcome anything.

LOL (Live, Own, Love) Your Resilience – Workshop

Everyone has a story. A history behind the person of some sort. This applies not only to the families that we work with but to each of us, the professionals who work with the families. It is that story that gives you your resilience. The strength required to move forward and complete the challenges that you face in a day.

Have you ever wondered why some people, no matter what happens to them, always seem to bounce back? How is it that they can “ignore” the negative things that people tell them and always push ahead? One key is that they are resilient.

In this workshop you will learn how to take your story and the events in your life that have made you resilient and transform them to your brilliance that will push you to the top of your game.

You will also learn:

  • 3 ways to help clients recognize how their story can inspire resilience
  • How to help clients move from drama to decisions and stuck to solutions
  • The steps to resilience …at home, work and in life
  • How to tap into the tools, skills and knowledge that you already possess (and how to teach clients to do this)

You Make A Difference

Day after day you put two feet on the ground in and forge ahead in an attempt to play a role in the lives of the youth with whom you work, often not knowing the impact you, and your role, will have on their future. They come and they go and you wonder what happened. Did the work you did with them make a difference? Was there a positive impact even if for only a small one?

Sometimes those who make a difference don’t know the difference they made. Difference makers are the walking hero’s, being strong when youth have lost hope, being a champion for the baby steps they take, helping them get on track when they lose their way, and accepting them for who they are, and helping them grow into who they can become.

It’s tough for a youth with a hard shell to break down and say thank you for seeing their potential, even when they can’t see it for themselves and to give gratitude for those who are willing to stand by them when they are prepared to fight for themselves and took the reins when they cannot.

In this inspiring and impactful presentation you will hear first-hand how you make a difference.

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Here is what the delagates of The Celebrating Womans Conference Camrose 2012 had to say:



“Reassuring to know it’s never too late to learn to believe in change.”

“Personal experiences make things more fascinating and entertaining.”

“Great story – good for her that she not only survived, but thrived!”

“Awesome life journey…”