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Moments of Gratitude

A few of the kind words and positive experiences that others have had with Shelley. Thank you!

Shelley Streit is a financial services professional that is with it. She knows what it takes to make your money work for you, but not necessarily in the sense you have heard from the rest of the industry. No, this is a new, radical idea~ get yourself out of debt so your money is able to work for you. Shocking? Of course not. Do most of us do it? Of course not. When Shelley taught me about “head up your ___” spending I was hooked on the concept she was delivering. I have never thought of myself as “clueless”, but that is what I was until I did a summary of my cash flow. Most of us are spending blindly (debit/credit) and need to pull our heads out of —- the sand and start spending on the right thing: paying down our debt!

Thanks Shelley! You gave me, a former employee of the financial services industry, the tools with “The Cash Creator Bootcamp” to be out of debt (completely) by age 50. I am 36. Wow, who wouldn’t want to say that? That leaves the final 20-30 years of income for travel to exotic locales! Now that is Sexy Living.

I have a testimonial to the power of open talk.  The concept of talking about debt has always seemed like a dirty topic.  I’d talk about sex, or even my weight before I’d ever want to discuss DEBT!  That is, until I met Shelley Streit.

At first, her references to debt talk as “sexy” made me roll my eyes.  Nothing about this topic made me feel good, and I certainly wasn’t going to feel better if I told someone else about it!  It seemed more like a stressful topic and to be honest, I didn’t want to hear about anyone else’s stress either.

After a few months of trying to be supportive of Shelley’s ideas, but never trying them myself, we were out for lunch and I finally let it all spill out…the dirty truth about my own debt.  Student loans, mortgage, car payments, new business loan and more!  In turn, Shelley talked about her own situations over the years and instead of feeling stressed, I felt empowered to know I am not the only professional, competent woman who deals with owing money!

Since that lunch only four months ago, I have been alleviating stress one bill at a time.  Out of the 14 debts my family had, five are already gone (to the tune of $13,000)!!  Instead of ignoring my reality, I set some goals in this area and made my husband a happy man in the process.  By the end of this year, I hope only have a mortgage and one student loan left on my plate.

As the Coffee Talk skit on Saturday Night Live says,

“I’ll give you a topic: DEBT.  Now talk amongst yourselves…”

With the knowledge and guidance that Shelley has given us we have learned to live on cash – which is fantastic -, started a savings account and an emergency fund, and gotten on the same page about our finances.

She is a no nonsense woman who will tell you how it is which is exactly what we needed to hear.  Thanks Shelley – we couldn’t have done it without you!!!

Attending Shelley’s “mini boot camp” in February really brought our financial life into perspective.  We had debt and more than we’d like to admit.

After sitting down with Shelley and having a heart to heart she told me in her “no nonsense” kind of way that we needed more income.  I was on maternity leave, it was ending shortly and the idea of leaving my child in someone else’s care just broke my heart.  However, this was the best advice she could have given me. I put my feelers out there and low and behold the phone calls came in!  More families were interested in taking piano lessons and I was also able to work from home with a “Home Based Business”.  We have no credit card debit and my students loans are completely paid off.

Without Shelley’s “reality check”, none of this would have happened.  Each and every day we are on the road to less debt.  Thank you Shelley!

My husband and I went to one of Shelley’s mini boot camps and the information that she shared with us was very helpful. What we learned was practical ways to save money. The way that she presented the information was very easy to understand.

If you have a chance to attend one of her boot camps I would totally recommend it and its totally worth your time!

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